Wednesday, March 21, 2018

This Week's Challenges Including St Patrick's Family Feast

So....this is Aidan, my first grandchild. He will be 15 this year!!! How is that EVEN possible? Me? With a HALF GROWN boy-man grandson? Next thing, they'll be saying I'm old or something. But I had to share it, because it is VERY rare to get a picture of this feller. Not long after this picture was taken, his Aunt Abbie (Orion's mama) did a French braid in his hair, but he shook it out pretty fast. 
St Aidan?

This was at the family St Patrick's Day feast. LOVE LOVE LOVE my fam!

L to R: Jason (My firstborn); Marci (sis-n-law); Curt (bro-in-law)
Hilary (sister); Sheila nee McSharry (mom...see that Irish name?
Now do you see why St Paddy's is a favorite for us?)
Not in the picture: Dave (brother) Alec and Preston (nephews) Lily and Sarah (nieces) Nadia (granddaughter) Lakota (dog) Wylie (my sweetheart and Orion's Opa) Kristi (daughter-in-law)...What a FAMILEEEEE! 

Got busy yesterday with tissue transfer colored paper again. On the left is the "up" side of the paper, but then I turned it over!!! Look how cool the bleed through is! I mean, it looks like a star field in that one corner! I'm super excited to do something with this awesome paper!

Now, on to the Diva Challenge: she asked us to use our name as a string

which I did...and then a faint memory from my grade school days came to me...

We wrote our signature, and then did a mirror image of it by folding and tracing, with a window behind it for light. Once we were done, the project continued into making a sort of insect looking thing...SO much fun! Fast forward 46 years... I didn't have a window handy, and I didn't want to fold my tile, and the challenge wasn't about insects...but I think I did a passing job of mirroring my name:
making it bold

And this was my result. I used Verve again, because it was so much fun last week. Then Bunzo, Flux, Well, and whateverthatisundertheH's. By going "behind" with the patterns, and then the shading...I think it turned out pretty cool. 

here is Love Bean again, sitting on daddy's lap. It was a large gathering, and he wanted to sit and see who all was there before venturing out into the crowd. Didn't take long...he wanted to bolt for the stairs in the kitchen, so he ended up being held or guarded by one or another aunt, uncle, cousin, Opa, or YaYa, throughout the night.

Here he is with Aunt Marci, after a change of shirt.

The squares look like Drawings on a Half Grid, and then some upward Msst, some black perls, and some shading

Joey continues her Ribbons and Curls "finish my tile" challenges, and this one started with Coil. I didn't take a picture before this one, but I did of the one I "flubbed":

Joey's start

Jules's Start
This is a Traveling Tangle! Jules Mack sent it to me a month or two ago, and I finally finished it up:

I thought it looked like an old ivy covered library on a University campus. 

This happy baby! 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Short and Sweet

Finally I got sat down with some free time, to make a blog entry!

This week's Diva Challenge was to use the tangle Verve. It's a relaxing pattern, with loads of auras around a center circle.

This is my entry:

This is the first page of my new small sketchbook. I bought a Canson mix media, a smaller version of my "large" sketchbook. I LOVE THE PAPER!

Well, I drew a string and filled it up, starting with the Verve. I added my own Concert (looking like sunrays) and Nippa, Tipple, and up in the corner, Earjools. That's a fun one, like a  Celtic triskele, around a circle rather than a triangle. Fitting for St Patrick's Day.

Then came Joey's challenge We are having SO MUCH FUN with these "finish my tile" starts that Joey is giving us. Unfortunately I didn't take a before, but tapping some Michele Wynne creativity, I made a duo challenge out of it:

The Diva Challenge section is shaded with graphite, and I decided to do the shading on the Joey Challenge section in stippling. There's some verve in there, too!

One last minute thing: The IAST challenge for St Patrick's Day, which I did ON the saint's day, and which I tried to make VERY Irish. :) 
 The challenge called for Cruze, which I could NOT make happen. I finally got it, and can do it correctly but it just didn't want to be in this tile. So...I did put in Lucky and Lukiline, and added Floose along two edges. And a bunch of pale Celtic Triskeles in the background. It's energetic and leafy and full of life, and I like it.

That's all I have. Can't believe it, but I think starting this new sketchbook with its elegant, luscious 98 lb paper has made me hesitant. But that's okay...I'll get over it. Going to spend some time tangling in it right now!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Creative Flow

This has been a productive week for me with tangling.

I got the urge and made some colored paper

cut it into's a treat just looking at them. Color is so cheering and uplifting!

Every chance I got, I had my sketchbook and pens out and was creating something, practicing a new thing, or making something!

The bookmarks! the tile...that is 5x5 and I used the color sections as my string..

This is how the tile turned out. I started out with Joey's start and went from there. Having the colors as a string was perfect. Notice: There's a little bit of Siri in there, which was the Diva's UMT challenge this week.  Joey's challenges have been fun, similar to traveling tangles.

But Siri was a challenge. I worked on it a lot

It kept me stumped until I played with the elements in it and figured out how to round the ends of the X's.

So I'd say this is my Diva challenge's got Siri and Lee Bee and lots of open space!

A baby picture! He had his tongue out and I zoomed to try and capture it but blurred it instead

 Some pages from my sketchbook.
 developing a pattern based on a lamp I saw.

 One day I was in the mood for flowers and curls!

another page from  my large sketchbook

This was the week's String Thing, using inapod and roloflex. Roloflex is another pattern I didn't just take to right away. I can never get it looking like a pile of stones. This time, it looks like a tower! but I did enjoy it and the cast shadow N'zeppel was way fun to do.

I really
 liked this refresher 168.  using waybop, 96x, loop blossom, paravan, e'rutats and a sunray looking string.  I call it India Sun.

 we had the baby over for a day, while his mom and dad did some deep cleaning at their house. He had a terrific time, ignoring almost all the toys he brought with him to focus on the pot and wooden spoon that YaYa supplied.

I think he'll be walking real soon. !!!

but we did have fun!

 At the Traveling Tangles project, we are doing a "rescue" theme...that is, if you have tiles that you don't like, send them on and see if someone can fix it

this was Gwen's start

and this was how I finished it. 

 these are just regular starts from Jules, not rescues

and these are my finishes for those starts. Traveling Tangles really IS the most fun!
And this is mama and sweethearts! love smooch kissy face yummy mama and baby!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

challenges and then some

This is going to be a short post by necessity, since my battery is almost gone on my laptop and it won't register as being plugged in!

So I'll share quickly! These first pieces are from my sketchbooks.

A little Trinket
This is one of my favorites, that I made shortly after Toodles came out. I also included some Torsdag, Pozer variations, and Telis in the background. Tipple here and there.

I worked up this pattern, Leafline, when I was fiddling around with something else. Then I started with Leafline and created a piece in my large 

Refresher  169
Using Icanthis, Funsin, Infinity and Rainking

Another one from my large sketchbook. I think I posted this one recently.

Diva Heart Zendala Challenge
The string
Joey's challenge. I found a colored tile and added Rain, Ing, Tropicana, and swirly white stuff

I enjoyed this challenge a lot, because when I was looking at it, wondering what it needed, and something said "white" so I got out my gelly roller and started filling in random tipples...and when I put the swirlystuff between Rain and Abundies WOW! Oh, there is also some Msst drifting in there.

This was a Refresher.

This time I am sorry to say, no pictures of the baby. For some reason, my phone isn't letting me share to my email. :(

Thank you for reading! Thank you for Commenting! 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Quick blog post

It's late Saturday night, and I haven't made a blog post, but I've gotten three challenges done, and actually quite a few other things. So...maybe this will just be a showcase for some recent pieces.

The Diva challenge was to use nested hearts as a string. Mine weren't concentric hearts, but imbedded. And when I got done filling them with patterns, I ended up with something that might be on a dresser top in a rococo boudoir!

Joey has started another series of "finish my tile" tiles...yay! So we copy what she's made and run with it...I did a duo tangle...Onomato and Hi-bred. I sure enjoyed playing with Hi-bred.
This is the String Thing entry. This is my favorite piece of the week, probably because Golven is one of my favorite patterns and I also love Barney. Anyway, this one I call Jewels on the Beach.
 This is the string! I stretched it over the entire page in my sketchbook, and the string REALLY disappeared! ha! However, for a reference point, the second black Perl from the left is the original circle in the string!

 Made some more bookmarks
There's some Golven!
This is her start

One of the most fun things in my life right now is the Traveling Tangles Project on Facebook, where you start a tile and send it by snail mail to someone who does the ssame for you...a little swap that means getting some happy mail a few times a month. So much fun!

Jules Mack and I swapped....
This is how I finished it...Another favorite!  

Just look at my angel sweet baby bum!

Orion is nine months old, and enjoys being up steadying himself on the furniture. 
Here, he was eyeballing the cat or something up on the couch.  
I'm going to go hang out with him and his parents tomorrow. Many more pictures to be taken!

Thanks for reading and commenting!